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Roboboat entry 2018

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The team's goal is to develop a boat that can travel and perform actions autonomously. Our boat, Trident, has participated in the 2018 Roboboat competition in Daytona Beach, Florida. Student teams from all over the world demonstrate the latest technologies and show what they are capable of. During the competition the autonomous vessel must be able to successfully perform a series of challenges in which it has to dock and undock, avoid obstacles, plan a path through a field of buoys, and pass through gates as fast as possible. This will add to the development of fully functional autonomous ships. We are pleased to announce that we placed fifth during the finals and that we won the 'static judging' award.

Meet the team

Timothy Puglia


Industrial Design Engineering

Bob van Rooij

van Rooij

Mechanical Engineering

Stefan Bonhof


Mechanical Engineering

Izaak Cornelis


Electrical Engineering

Albert Smit


Computer Science

Remi Flinterman


Computer Science

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