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Delft University of Technology also known as TU Delft, is the largest and oldest Dutch public technological university, located in Delft, Netherlands. It counts as one of the best universities for engineering and technology worldwide, typically seen within the top 20. It is repeatedly considered the best university of technology in the Netherlands. With eight faculties and numerous research institutes, it hosts over 19,000 students (undergraduate and postgraduate), more than 2,900 scientists, and more than 2,100 support and management staff. The university was established on 8 January 1842 by William II of the Netherlands as a Royal Academy, with the main purpose of training civil servants for the Dutch East Indies. The school rapidly expanded its research and education curriculum, becoming first a Polytechnic School in 1864, Institute of Technology in 1905, gaining full university rights, and finally changing its name to Delft University of Technology in 1986.

Damen Shipyards Group is a globally operating company with more than 50 shipyards, repair yards, and related companies − as well as numerous partner yards that can build Damen vessels locally. Since 1969 it has designed and built more than 6,000 vessels and delivers up to 180 vessels annually with over 9.000 people working for Damen worldwide. With over 30 shipyards and related companies worldwide, Damen is involved in ship construction as well as maintenance and repair activities. It has a wide product range, including tugs, workboats, patrol craft, cargo vessels, dredgers, mega yachts and fast ferries. Product design and engineering are carried out in-house and a broad range of designs is available.

Als werkstudent heb je een bijbaan bij Defensie, waarin je opdrachten uitvoert die passen bij jouw studierichting en interesses. Je kunt bijvoorbeeld bijdragen aan het ontwerp van toekomstig materieel, meedenken over een militaire basis op zonne-energie of werken aan (sociale) innovaties bij Defensie. Elke week werk je een aantal uur op een Defensielocatie (een kazerne, vlieg- of marinebasis) en draag je met jouw werk bij aan vrede en veiligheid, in Nederland en daarbuiten. Jij leert de bijzondere wereld van Defensie beter kennen en traint je leiderschapsvaardigheden, wij profiteren van jouw frisse blik en actuele kennis op een specifiek vakgebied. Tijdens je bijbaan kun je deelnemen aan diverse activiteiten en kennissessie's die worden georganiseerd door Defensity College. Win-win dus!

StuD is a not-for-profit organisation. Profits are generated to ensure that StuD's operations are healthy. It is StuD's goal to ensure that these profits will benefit the students of Delft University of Technology. The StuD Fund is the organisation responsible for spending the profit of StuD on students. The aim of the StuD Fund is to provide financial support to realise the innovative and entrepreneurial projects of students. The management team of the StuD Fund is drawn from past and present members of the StuD management team.

Xsens is the leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology and products. Its sensor fusion technologies enable a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world in applications such as industrial control and stabilization, health, sports and 3D character animation. Clients and partners include Electronic Arts, NBC Universal, Daimler, Autodesk, ABB, Siemens and various other leading institutes and companies throughout the world. Xsens has offices in Enschede, the Netherlands and Los Angeles, California.

Seascape Subsea Technology develops high end underwater technology and distributes a wide range of underwater tools and sensors. Seascape is specialized in the sales and manufacturing of underwater equipment and tools, with his own brand Novasub. Novasub includes a wide range like CCTV systems, diver radios and control units, cameras, lighting, cables, diver umbilical’s, diver air panels, diver containers. Seascape exclusive distributes a large number of high quality subsea products, throughout the Benelux, and Europe. The products range is Acoustic visualization, measurements and positioning, remotely operated vehicles (ROV’s), pressure sensors, tilt and angle sensors, subsea cables, underwater connectors, video cameras, lights and much more. Seascape develops “custom made subsea solutions” for every challenge. Through the many years of experiences and the different disciplines it has. With seascape development process we deliver a high level of creativity and quality for custom made subsea solutions. We manage the projects within the limits of planning and budget. Seascape provides first class professional service on a global scale. As well as facilities like testing and certification of umbilical’s, diver containers and hydrostatic pressure testing (max. 600 bar).